How does the app work?

Swipe left to skip a melody, right to save it, and up to send immediately.

Additional functionality includes swiping down to see a melody’s producer information, filters to narrow results, and account management.

Is the app really free?

Yes! Each user gets 5 free credits to try the app. If you like the app and want to continue using it, subscription plans start at $3.99.

How do credits work?

1 credit = 1 melody sent. If you are sending multiple melodies at the same time via the saved melodies screen, each item sent still accounts for one credit, though the multiple melodies would arrive packaged together.

Why do links expire?

In order to prevent a melody from being downloaded by multiple people from the same link, each melody has a unique URL to download. This link expires if a user clicks on it.

What do I do if I accidentally tap a link and it expires?

Mistakes happen. No problem. To request access to a specific melody again, complete a form on our Customer Support page.

What if I run out of melodies?

If you’re on the free or standard plans, you can upgrade your plan to get more credits.

If you’re on the premium plan and need additional melodies or want to talk bulk pricing, larger subscription plans, etc visit the I Need More Melodies page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

How do I get my loops in the app?

We’re always on the lookout for high-quality musicians to join our producer team. Check out the Creator Application page for more details

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your subscription via the My Profile area within the app. Your cancellation starts on the last day of the current billing cycle.

You will no longer be charged after canceling. Canceling is not deleting your account. To delete your account, complete a form on our Customer Support page.

What happens if I upgrade my plan?

If you upgrade to a higher plan, the app will debit only the price difference between the current and new plan. Starting from the next billing period, the full price will be charged.

What happens if I downgrade my plan?

If you downgrade to a lower plan, your plan downgrade will take place at the end of your billing cycle and your credits will rollover.

If I purchased my plan on the web (as opposed to the app), can I update my plan in the app? Or vice versa?

Currently, if you originally subscribed via the app, upgrades, and downgrades must happen within the app and not the web.

Similarly, if you originally subscribed via the web, upgrades, and downgrades must happen on the web and not the app.