How does the app work?

Swipe left to skip a melody, right to save it, and up to send immediately.

Additional functionality includes swiping down to see a melody’s producer information, filters to narrow results, and account management.

How often are new melodies added to The Melody App?

We add new melodies weekly, and usually more often than that.

Is the Melody App royalty free?

No, the creator of the loop is entitled to 10% of publishing and writing credit on all DSPs.  The user of the loop is entitled to the other 40%, all of any advance and points that may be negotiated, and producer/writer credit.

Why is The Melody App not royalty free?

We feel it is more fair and right in today’s music industry climate to compensate the loop creators on placements.  A 40/10 split is still extremely favorable to the loop user and allows everyone involved in the creation of the song to ride the wave of any success that may come from the composition.

Who uses The Melody App?

Anyone from industry veterans to brand new bedroom producers use TMA because of its simple to use interface and easy to clear loops.

How much does The Melody App cost?

If it is your first time trying TMA you get a 30-day free trial.  After 30 days it is $7.99 for UNLIMITED melodies on our platform.  We are always adding new melodies so the possibilities are virtually endless.

Who makes the melodies on The Melody App?

Our creators are composed of hand-picked loop makers from all around the world.  They have been vetted for quality and trained on the way to edit the melodies to make them as easy to load and use as possible.  You can check out our creator spotlights on our IG for more info on our creators.  www.instagram.com/themelodyapp

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your subscription via the My Profile area within the app (which takes you to the subscription center for your respected device). Your cancellation starts on the last day of the current billing cycle.

You will no longer be charged after canceling. Canceling your subscription is not deleting your account.