How it works

The app shows loops one at a time so you can have a single focus and easily swipe to send, skip, or save.

swipe left to skip, right to save and up to send
swipe leeft to skip instructions screen
swipe up to send instructions screen
swipe right to save instructions screen

Skip melodies quickly

If you’re not feeling a melody swipe left to skip. This melody will not be shown again and a new melody will being to play.

swipe left to skip
swipe left to skip a loop instructions screen

Save melodies for later

Not sure if you want to use a melody or not? Swipe right to save the melody. You’ll be able to listen to or send it later.

swipe right to save a loop instructions screen
saved melodies screen

Send melodies to yourself or others

If you’re feeling a melody, swipe up to send. Sending to yourself via email is the default method, though you can also send via text message, email, or through any other app you choose.

swipe up to send a loop or melody instructions screen
Share a melody/loop screen
Share a melody/loop screen

Additional functionality

Filter by vibes screen shot

Filter by Vibes

Use vibe filters to show loops for particular moods


Filter by Instruments

Choose from an array of instruments


Filter by Creator

Choose from an any of the loop creators in the app

Created by screen shot

View creator info

Learn more about the artist responsible for creating the melody by swiping down.

Links to streaming services and social platforms will be available if you want stay in touch with each musician.