The Melody App $10k Beat Contest promo image @hitboy Hit-boy

Grammy-winning producer Hit-boy teams with The Melody App for $10k beat contest

hitboy partners with the melody app to launch $10k beat contest

Legendary hip-hop producer and songwriter Hit-boy (@hitboy) steps into the tech space and launches The Melody App. The Melody App is a loop discovery app for music makers and songwriters.

“The process for finding loops is frustrating and time-consuming. I spend hours searching through huge libraries, both sucking time and energy from the beat creation process. We knew that there needed to be a fast and intuitive way to discover melodies and do so on the go.” says CEO and co-founder Corbett (@corbettmusic).

The app is now available to download for free on iOS and Android, with a $10k beat contest in progress judged by Hit-boy. Submissions end on Tuesday, March 9 at 3pm EST.

Hit-boy and Corbett are nominated for Grammys this year for their work on Nas’ “King’s Disease”.


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